Printmaking workshops

print intro

Introduction to lino printing

print class

Small classes, individual attention.


Inspiring studio setting.

Be inspired & empowered with some technical tools to help you produce quality art. This workshop is for artists & creative minded persons of all abilities. Working at my studio the small intimate class size of 4 Ė 6 students is designed to be relaxed & informal. Iíll also be sharing some of the inside process to my creativity.

What is lino printing?

Lino (linoleum) printing is a form of relief printing. Linocuts can be simplistic and graphic, or as intricately detailed as you want. Itís a subtractive process which means you cut away, the areas you do not want to print. Ink is applied to its surface then place onto your paper. The print is transfer by adding pressure. Originally made as a flooring product it became a printmakerís easier and less expensive substitute from wood block printing in the late 1800ís

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