1987 was the hundredth year since the birth of one of the most important men of the past century, devoted to the unification & liberation of Africans.
As part of the international celebrations happening around the world. OBAALA held an exhibition at The Black Art Gallery in Finsbury Park, London.
The exhibition featured many artist works in 2D, 3D, film, poetry, music & literature. This Portrait & Triptych was created for "OBAALA's Marcus Garvey Centenary Show".

OBAALA-(Organisation of Black Arts Advancement and Learning Activities)

It was this organisation that helped me develop & incorporate some of Marcus Garvey's philosophies, and use them within the art that I produce.
Titles of the side panels are Ujamaa & Kujichagulia.

Size : 3 panels of 500 mm x 700 mm
Medium : Acrylic paint on paper
Year created : 1987

Price : N.F.S.

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Marcus Garvey