Artist Open House 2013

2013 Wandsworth Artist Open House

Photos & review by Juliette Smith

'Wandsworth Artists Open House' is always an interesting and visually stimulating event to attend, so when I entered the home of local artist Ken McCalla I was not disappointed.

Firstly, I was struck by the variation of colour that was arranged throughout the exhibition and how well the pieces sat in the space.

Ken is a very talented Artist of fine art and sculpture and uses a wide range of mediums to express his creativity.

Each piece of work was of the highest standard, ranging from three dimensional installations, carved from wood and building breeze blocks, black and white lino printed images, brightly coloured canvases of portraits and generational scenes, collages and detailed etchings.

The outside installations sat comfortably in the small London garden, some surrounded by vegetation, others set more grandeur and regal looking, changing their appearance according to the light.

His front room was filled with vivid colour portraits of strong black faces, inviting one to explore them in detail and enjoy their content.

The eclectic array of work in the back room was a real credit to Ken, as he had managed to show such a wide variety of his talent, in such a small area which all worked in harmony.

The themed natural landscapes of the lino prints sat well and took ones eye back to nature in its purest form. The drawings of the elders sat comfortably next to the generational paintings depicting the power that a collective actively has on each generation.

All Ken's work was very pleasing to both the soul and the eye. I was left with many positive vivid memories and purchases.

Thank you for sharing your work Ken

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